intimus 20000 Auditor-Pro

A short and strong pulse erases the data on the hard disk irrevocably

When degaussing, the storage media are flooded with a very strong magnetic field that far exceeds their own magnetic force, the coercivity of the hard disk. The short and strong pulse erases the data on the hard disk irrevocably. Degaussing is characterized above all by the simple operation and minimal space requirements, which also allows for its use in an office environment.

intimus sets the Standard for audit compliance with its new AuditorPro erasure verification system. A specially designed image capture system records the erasure of each hard disk drive or tape processed by the intimus 20000 NSA/CSS EPL-Listed Degausser. Using the included barcode scanner, the user records the serial number of the hard Disk or tape and associates an image of the disk or tape at the time of erasure.

Why intimus 20000 Auditor-Pro

  • NSA (NSA/CSS EPL-912A-E) approved
  • NATO listed
  • Clean and quiet solution to sanitize magnetic media
  • Single Pass Pulse Technology
  • Drawer Feeding Solution
  • Information Display
  • Internal Verification of Magnetic Field
  • Integrated Handles

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